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Al-Karam Publicationsí website is launched
Sunday, 30 September 2007

Al-Karam Publications is the name under which the works of Shaykh M I H Pirzada and those associated with Jamia Al-Karam are published. The various books are type-set and designed in-house at Jamia Al-Karam and upon printing they are distributed to various bookshops around the country.

For some time, there has been a growing need of an easier way of purchasing the books authored by Shaykh M I H Pirzada. Realising this need, Al-Karam Publications is pleased to announce the launch of its new website...

Al-Karam Secondary School once again achieves excellent GCSE results
Monday, 27 August 2007

On Thursday 23 August 2007, the GCSE results for all schools in the United Kingdom were released. Topping the Nottinghamshire GCSE league with a 100% followed by 95% for the last two consecutive years, all eyes were focused on this year’s pass rate of Al-Karam Secondary School.

School members of staff who had been on their summer holiday break returned to school for the day to see the fruit of their tireless endeavours and the hard work of their pupils.

By the grace and continued favour of Allah (most high), Jamia Al-Karam’s Al-Karam Secondary School achieved an 94% pass rate at grades A*-C...

Shaykh Pirzada makes surprise announcement of the Al-Karam Girls School project
Saturday, 18 August 2007

The 27th Annual Khatam-e-Nabuwwat Conference held at the Ameer-e-Millat Centre in Birmingham (UK) on Sunday 5th August 2007 played host to an important announcement made by Shaykh Pirzada regarding Jamia Al-Karam’s future plans of further expansion and service to the British Muslim community. During his short speech, Shaykh Pirzada announced the latest project being pursued by Jamia Al-Karam; the Al-Karam Girls School project. He gave a brief insight into the reasoning behind this new task and how it is being pursued.

Jamia Al-Karam, under the leadership and guidance of Shaykh Pirzada, has designated 7-acres of its land at Eaton Hall, Retford, to be used for the construction of a new complex designed to cater for the educational and spiritual needs of British Muslim girls.

Shaykh Pirzada leads prayers for the late mother of Shaykh Amin al-Hasanat at Jamia Al-Karam
Tuesday, 12 June 2007

On Sunday 10 June 2007 Jamia Al-Karam hosted a gathering of remembrance and prayers of Esale Thawab for the late wife of Justice Shaykh Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (ra) and mother of Shaykh Muhammad Amin al-Hasanat Shah al-Qurashi. Shaykh Amin al-Hasanat Shah had arrived in London on Saturday 2 June 2007 to attend the two-day international conference organised by the University of Cambridge titled ‘Islam and Muslims in the World Today’.

The conference occurred at Lancaster House in London and was attended by Shaykh M I H Pirzada as well as many other leading Muslim figures from around the world including Imam Hamza Yusuf from America and the Mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa and Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad...
Shaykh Amin al-Hasanat opens Muslim Charityís Gyne Hospital Faisalabad, Pakistan
Saturday, 26 May 2007

On Sunday 20th May 2007, an opening ceremony was held at Gyne Hospital Faisalabad to officially open the hospital at the hands of Shaykh Muhammad Amin al-Hasanat Shah al-Qurashi. The ceremony was a huge success attended by over four hundred locals. The lists of special guests included Bakhtyar H Pirzada al-Azhari (Vice Principal of Jamia Al-Karam representing Muslim Charity from the United Kingdom), Pir Muhammad Mazhar Hussain al-Qadiri (Manager of Muslim Charity’s Gyne Hospitals Project in Pakistan), Ms Ghulam Bibi Bharwana (MNA for Jhang and State Minister for Youth Affairs, Pakistan) and Dr Nisar Ahmad (MNA for Faisalabad and Chairman of the Standing Committee on Narcotics Control, Pakistan)...

Popular Urdu Columnist compliments Tafseer Imdad-ul-Karam
Thursday, 17 May 2007

In the Daily Jang London of Thursday 17 May 2007, the popular Urdu columnist Mansoor Afaq has written an appraisal of Tafseer Imdad-ul-Karam, the commentary of the holy Qur’an written in the United Kingdom by Shaykh M I H Pirzada.

In his column titled Mahasin-e Imdad-ul-Karam (merits of Imdad-ul-Karam), Mansoor Afaq shed light not only on the commentary of the holy Qur’an but also on the qualities of and his experiences with Shaykh M I H Pirzada...

Tribute paid to Shaykh M I H Pirzada at the House of Commons (UK)
Tuesday, 08 May 2007

A debate on Integration and Cohesion took place on Tuesday 17 April 2007 at the House of Commons. In it Jamia Al-Karam’s Al-Karam Secondary School has been praised and a tribute paid to Shaykh M I H Pirzada for his remarkable efforts in this country in terms of community progress and cohesion and educating the young.

In his speech, the Member of Parliament for Newark and former Shadow Minister for Homeland Security, Patrick Mercer OBE, stated, “Unlike my two hon. Friends who have spoken, I have only a small Muslim community – and indeed only a small ethnic community – in my constituency, but it is amazingly influential.”

Shaykh Pirzada calls for national survey on pupils of Muslim faith schools
Sunday, 06 May 2007

On Friday 20 April 2007, a forum was held at Jamia Al-Karam, in Retford, Nottinghamshire, organised by the Daily Jang, to discuss the issue of Muslim faith schools in the United Kingdom. The debate was initiated by the popular columnist Mansoor Afaq.

Chairing the forum was Shaykh M I H Pirzada who stated, “Up until now there has been no individual, educated in a Muslim faith school in the United Kingdom, who has been involved in serious crime or activities relating to terrorism. The vast majority of Muslim faith schools have great success stories and they perform far better than other schools in their respective locales.”

QTV to broadcast Shaykh Pirzada lecture
Thursday, 15 March 2007

QTV (UK viewers: Sky Channel 820) will be broadcasting a lecture delivered by Shaykh Pirzada entitled, “Could Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Read?” at the Leeds Makkah Masjid (UK) on Sunday 17 December 2006.

The lecture will be aired on Saturday 17 March 2007 (21:00 BST, 02:00 PST) and Sunday 18 March 2007 (21:00 BST, 02:00 PST). The programmes will be under the heading, "IQRA: The First Wahee".

Latest Issue of Al-Karam Quarterly
Wednesday, 28 February 2007
The latest issue of Al-Karam Quarterly (Issue 24) features, as its cover article, the lecture delivered by Shaykh Pirzada entitled, “Could Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) Read? In light of the first divine revelation of the Qur’an.”

The article is the first part of Shaykh Pirzada’s lecture in which he analyses the issue of the noble Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) not reciting at the advent of the first divine revelation and analyses extensively the phrase ma ana bi qari’in uttered by the noble Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
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