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Shaykh Pirzada arrives in the Holy City of Makkah to perform 'Umrah and complete his Tafsir Print E-mail
Monday, 07 March 2011

Report by Maroof Gul Pirzada (Makkah, KSA)

Shaykh Muhammad Pirzada arrived safely in Saudi Arabia on the morning of Sunday 6th March 2011 and has completed performing his 'Umrah. [Photo: 06/03/2011 Ka'bah, al-Masjid al-Haram, Saudi Arabia]The journey of Shaykh Muhammad Pirzada began on Saturday 5th March 2011 at Jamia Al-Karam after Zuhr Salah following which staff members and students individually met with Shaykh Pirzada to bid farewell to him. Shaykh Pirzada assured all the staff members and students that Jamia Al-Karam and each and every one of them will be firmly remembered in his prayers and supplications as he visits the Holy Sites and performs ‘Umrah.

Shaykh Pirzada then left Jamia Al-Karam en route to London Heathrow Airport and boarded British Airways’ flight BA133 from London to Jeddah which landed safely half an hour earlier than the scheduled time in Saudi Arabia at 7.00am on Sunday 6th March 2011.

Shaykh Pirzada and those accompanying him were welcomed at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah by Respected Muhammad Anwar Siddiqi. Shaykh Pirzada was then taken to the residence of Respected Muhammad Anwar Siddiqi where he was served breakfast and rested for a short while.

The Shaykh subsequently travelled directly to the Holy City of Makkah where he arrived at around 2.00pm. Upon arrival Shaykh Pirzada immediately headed towards al-Masjid al-Haram in order to perform the ‘Umrah. The last time the Shaykh visited Saudi Arabia was back in 1998 – prior to him beginning the writing of his Qur’anic Commentary – and so 13 years later, and after 10 years since beginning the virtuous task of writing a Qur’an Commentary, Shaykh Pirzada had returned to the Holy City in order to present himself before his Lord and present his offering of Tafsir Imdad al-Karam to Muslims and non-Muslims around the world – a contribution that is already being strongly felt and appreciated in the West and will serve generations to come insha’Allah.

After performing his ‘Umrah, Shaykh Pirzada retired to his room number 31504 at the Makkah Hilton Hotel overlooking the Haram and Ka’bah.

The next morning, after praying Fajr Salah at al-Masjid al-Haram, Shaykh Pirzada travelled to Jabal al-Nur (Mountain of Light) which is only a 10-minute taxi journey from al-Masjid al-Haram. The mountain has at its peak the Cave of Hira in which the Blessed Prophet (peace be upon him) would often meditate and it is also where he received the first Divine Revelation. As Shaykh Pirzada was climbing the mountain there was a troop of monkeys that were also present on the mountain that tend to be there and watch as visitors climb the mountain.

PHOTO OF THE DAY MONDAY: Shaykh Muhammad Pirzada, whilst climbing Jabal al-Nur (the Mountain of Light) came across a monkey and gave it some potato fries which it took readily and ate with its right hand. [Photo: 07/03/2011 Jabal al-Nur, Makkah, Saudi Arabia]There was a memorable moment during the climb when Shaykh Pirzada presented some potato fries to one of the monkeys which took the food in its right hand and began eating it (see the full size photo on Facebook by clicking here).

After returning from the Mountain of Light, Shaykh Pirzada prayed Zuhr Salah in front of the Ka’bah and subsequently retired to his room to prepare for the completion of his Tafsir Imdad al-Karam. Following ‘Asr Salah, Shaykh Pirzada went and sat in front of the Ka’bah about 20 meters behind the Maqam Ibrahim and took out his notebook and pen. The Shaykh then began writing the Tafsir (Commentary) of the final chapter of the Holy Qur’an; Surah al-Nas. This was the climax of the last 10 years and 6 months, a journey which began on 30th September 2000 in Jamia Al-Karam, United Kingdom, and which saw Shaykh Pirzada spend much effort and time – despite all of his other commitments and responsibilities – on writing the Tafsir was being completed on 7th March 2011 in front the Holy Ka’bah. Shaykh Pirzada began writing in this sitting at around 4.30pm and continued until 5.15pm when he completed the final words of the Tafsir. Describing how the Shaykh felt and what he was experiencing during these moments cannot be expressed nor understood by anyone, but one can only comment on the outward manifestation of the Shaykh’s expression. As the Shaykh finished writing the Tafsir there were tears in the Shaykh’s eyes as he retrieved his tasbih (prayer bead) from his pocket and began meditating and contemplating. Shaykh Pirzada remained seated in this position until Maghrib Salah was prayed at 6.30pm.

Those present in the Haram on this occasion will have noticed that there was a gentle shower of rain – which is a rare occurrence in the Haram – prior to and during the Maghrib Salah as it was prayed in congregation. Those present noticed that when Shaykh Pirzada sat down to begin writing the final part to his Tafsir the weather was hot and it was very sunny. Soon after Shaykh Pirzada began writing the Tafsir, clouds gradually began to appear above the Haram and in the region making it cooler and by the time Shaykh Pirzada completed the Tafsir there was a gentle rain shower which, as stated, continued soothingly until Maghrib Salah was completed. We pray that this was a sign of acceptance from Allah (most high) of the endeavours that the respected Shaykh undertook in the last 10 years in completing the Tafsir.

However, as those close to the Shaykh will know too well, Shaykh Pirzada is not a man who will sit idly as he had already made his intention perfectly clear that as soon as he completes writing Tafsir Imdad al-Karam he will begin his next major task of translating and writing a commentary on Sahih al-Bukhari, the most authentic resource of the sayings of the Beloved Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). And what better way to do this than to do so at the Masjid and Maqam of the Beloved Messenger (peace be upon him) in Masjid al-Nabi in Madinah, where the Shaykh is due to travel tomorrow morning.



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