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Shaykh Pirzada condemns Peshawar School Massacre and prays for the victims and the country Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 December 2014

ImageThe despicable attack at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, leaving at least 132 children dead along with 9 of their staff members is a tragedy that has sent shockwaves of horror and grief across the world. With extremism, terror, death and destruction continuously visible on our television screens, it would seem as if the situation of the human condition could not get any worse. Yet the massacre of innocent children, who are a gift to the world and in whom lies the future of the world, has left the people all over the world in a state of utter shock with their human instincts and sentiments of their hearts shaken to the very core.

Founder and Principal of Jamia Al-Karam, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, has expressed his pain and heartfelt grief at the tragedy that unfolded in Peshawar yesterday. Shaykh Pirzada stated, “I condemn in the most strongest of terms this awful degradation of human dignity that left so many innocent souls to face terror of this proportion at their second home, their school of all places, and to be faced with their brutal and merciless slaughter. There are no words with which I can express my feelings. This is utter zulm (merciless tyranny) that is not only a crime in Islam, but a crime against humanity, and against each and every member of the human race. I am appalled and pray to Allah for mercy.”

Every single individual is responsible for upholding the rights of all human beings, and Islam always gave special attention to those members of the human family that are most vulnerable. In this regard, children and orphans have a special place in Islam and in the heart of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), hence their protection and love towards them is a matter firmly instructed. Children are innocent and in them lies the future. This attack on children, this attack on a school, and other attacks similar around the world are testimony to the fact that these extremists and these terrorists do not adhere to any religion or any philosophy, rather they emerge from twisted ideas of those without a sense of human dignity. They are enemies to peace and to life, to future and to now children. After expressing condolences to the families and relatives of the victims, Shaykh Pirzada called for such a menace to be confronted saying, “I call on all segments of society and all leaders to unite and find a means to confront, challenge and counter with solidarity and commitment this terrorism and extremism that is making the lives of the people unbearable and blowing out the candles from the lives of the innocent.”

Earlier, Shaykh Pirzada led staff, students and guests in reciting Al-Fatiha for the victims and offered prayers for their families and relatives, and for the betterment of the country and the world.


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