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Jamia Al-Karam

Jamia Al-Karam is a leading Muslim educational institution based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1985 by Shaykh M I H Pirzada and caters for the educational and social needs of British Muslims. It aims to produce scholars of Islam who are aware of the challenges of the modern era, the western culture and who have a sound understanding of Islam as well as a reverence towards Islam's tradition and heritage.

Jamia Al-Karam's Secondary School is a widely recognised school of excellence that has consistently produced outstanding GCSE results. Since its first set of GCSE results in 1998 the school has constantly been at the top of the county of Nottinghamshire's League Tables gaining first position in the entire county on numerous occasions (1998, 2005-2008). This has been recognised as a major achievement particularly as the county consists of over 56 private, independent and state schools.

Jamia Al-Karam's Centre for Higher Islamic Studies is for post-16 students and teaches the Islamic sciences. It is affiliated with Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, where students pursue their studies after completing the initial three years at the Centre. It has produced numerous scholars who are currently serving as Imams and teachers in the UK.

Visit an Online Prospectus of Jamia Al-Karam


Muslim Charity

Muslim Charity was founded by Shaykh M I H Pirzada in 1999. Muslim Charity is a leading international relief and development NGO that aims to alleviate the suffering of the world's poorest people. As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, it successfully carries out short and long-term development projects - regardless of race, religion or gender.

Since its inception, Muslim Charity's hallmark project is in the field of healthcare particularly in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir where it has established a network of leading Gyne hospitals to respond to the rising maternal mortality rates.

[Click here to watch the Gyne Hospital Jhang Documentary]

Visit the Muslim Charity website


Al-Karam Journal

Al-Karam Journal is a quarterly produced by Jamia Al-Karam. Al-Karam Journal aims to create Islamic awareness amongst the people, provide unbiased in-depth Islamic knowledge especially regarding contemporary issues and to portray the true nature of the profound faith of Islam. The sole purpose is the prevalence of education and beneficial knowledge and the riddance of ignorance.

View past issues of the Al-Karam Journal


Al-Karam Trust (London)

Al-Karam Trust (London) was founded in 2004 by Shaykh M I H Pirzada. Al-Karam Trust (London) is situated in Forest Gate, London. It is not only a centre for worship but it is a ‘masjid’ in its true sense in that it acts as a focal point for the local community and a centre for education and other activities.


Al-Karam Publications

Al-Karam Publications was founded by Shaykh M I H Pirzada to serve Muslims and non-Muslims with Islamic literature that is distributed worldwide. Numerous books have been published by Al-Karam Publications, the majority of which are authored by Shaykh M I H Pirzada. Al-Karam Publications publishes books in three languages: Arabic, Urdu and English. Many of the books published by Al-Karam Publications have been and are in the process of being translated into other languages such as the Indonesian and Norwegian languages.

Visit the Al-Karam Publications website


Gateway to Divine Mercy

Gateway to Divine Mercy is the latest initiative launched by Jamia Al-Karam. It aims to present and promote the true understanding of traditional Islamin today's atmosphere of gross misinterpretation and tragic misunderstanding. The project aspires to involve the youth of today in a productive and beneficial manner so that the true teachings of the faith of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) can flourish in the near and distant future.

Visit the Gateway to Divine Mercy website


Al-Karam Scholars Association (AKSA)

Al-Karam Scholars Association (AKSA) is an associate of Jamia Al-Karam and is made up of all graduates of Jamia Al-Karam who have studied higher Islamic education. AKSA plays a significant role in spreading the true nature of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims living in the west and also arranges events across the UK in order to achieve this. AKSA is the organisation behind the “Gateway to Divine Mercy” series of events that take place regularly in the UK.


British Muslim Forum (BMF) British Muslim Forum (BMF) was launched in March 2005. Shaykh M I H Pirzada is a Founder Member of the BMF. In Great Britain there are hundreds of mosques, organizations and institutions that have been quietly serving the British Muslim community for many decades. However, many were not part of any national body or organization that represented them and safeguarded their interests. For this reason Shaykh M I H Pirzada, along with other Muslim leaders and scholars set up the BMF to provide a voice for British Muslims.


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