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Education in the Muslim Community


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A talk delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada on Wednesday 15 June 2005
at Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, House of Commons, London.

Allah’s name I begin with, the utmost Kind, the ever Merciful.

Respected Audience! I would like to take this opportunity and make a few comments regarding the standard of education in the Muslim Community

Dear Audience! Great Britain is a prosperous and developed country. In pursuit of better education, parents from around the world send their children to Great Britain. These children endure the pains of being separated from their parents, long distances of travel and high fees. However, that same education is available to our children at our own doorstep for free, yet we do not pay attention to it. For this reason, 75% of our youth achieve unacceptable grades at GCSE level and hence, become a burden upon the treasures of Great Britain by falling victim to theft, immorality, unemployment and drugs.

Most of the time, we place the blame of this educational decline upon the young generation, but this is not correct. Clearly, their immaturity contributes to this; however, the major factor in this decline is the irresponsibility of the parents. Therefore, it is important to make parents aware of the following:

Firstly, parents need to be well informed of how they can assist in the education of their children.

Secondly, they need to be made aware that they must show interest in the affairs of the school, and if it is possible, they should become governors of the school so that they learn about the system of the school and, hence, can play their role in its improvement and success.

And thirdly, they need to be told that when they are called for parents evening at school, it is their duty to attend and find out about the educational progress of their children.

Dear audience! When we place a share of £100,000 in a certain shop, then we most certainly keep an eye on that money and the affairs of the shop, and we also keep in regular touch with the other parties involved so that we do not make a loss. Yet, we send our children to school and even after one whole year we do not find out about the education of our children; are we not unfair and unjust to our children? Children are more precious than pounds; they are like diamonds. How unfortunate it is that where we place our pounds we keep in touch and where we send our diamonds we have no interest to go there.

Respected listeners! In my humble view, the most important issue is the training of the parents. But the question is who will train and instruct the parents? It is the responsibility of the religious, political and cultural leaders to inform them of the demands of the present era and this new environment.

If, unfortunately, we do not fulfill the demands of the 21st century, then the blame will not only fall upon the coming new generation, but we the parents and the leaders will equally be responsible. As the famous British historian of the last century, Arnold Toynbee, said, “Civilizations declined when their leaders stopped responding creatively.”

And the holy Qur’an states the same, “Verily, Allah does not change the situation of a nation until they themselves change the situation.”

Thank you very much for listening.

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